Redington Natural Resource Conservation District 

"Providing Resources for the Conservation-Minded Producer and Landowner"

Description of our District

The Redington Natural Resource Conservation District (NRCD) runs for about 40 miles along the San Pedro River in Southern Arizona and extends an average of 5 - 8 miles on either side of the River. District boundaries take in part of 4 counties: Cochise, Pima, Pinal and Graham. Elevation ranges from 2700 feet on the San Pedro River between Redington and San Manuel to about 8500 feet in the Rincon and Santa Catalina Mountains between the San Pedro and Tucson. Annual rainfall averages from about 12 inches, depending mainly on elevation. Vegetation ranges from Sonoran Desert Shrub and Chihuahua Desert Grassland at the lower elevations to Liveoak Woodland and Pine-Oak Forest at higher elevations. Along the channel of the San Pedro River are found gallery forests of cottonwoods, willow, and salt cedar, while the side-terraces of the River support bosques or forests of mesquite trees. In major tributaries, such as Hot Springs, Paige, Redington, and other canyons, sycamore, ash, walnut, desert willows and other riparian trees and shrubs are common. Sections of many of the side canyons and certain sections of the San Pedro River run water year-round in most years. Because of the diversity of vegetation the District supports a wide variety of wildlife. Mule deer are found in the lower elevations and whitetails at higher levels. Javelina and coyotes are common. Other animals include bighorn sheep, mountain lions, rabbits, raccoons, badgers, coatimundi, skunks, and foxes. Bird life, both resident and migratory, is abundant, especially along riparian corridors.

Redington NRCD has 288,015 acres with over 200,000 under conservation management plans and/or are using conservation practices. Only 45,149 acres (15.4%) are privately owned. Total land ownership is as follows: