Redington Natural Resource Conservation District 

"Providing Resources for the Conservation-Minded Producer and Landowner"

What is a Conservation District? 

Known in various parts of the country as “soil and water conservation districts,” “resource conservation districts,” “natural resource districts,” “land conservation committees” and similar names, they share a single mission: to coordinate assistance from all available sources -- public and private, local, state and federal -- in an effort to develop locally driven solutions to natural resource concerns.

Districts provide a focal point for the coordination of local efforts to conserve our soil and water resources. These resources are the basis for producing abundant and inexpensive food, fiber and wood products. Sound, sustainable management of these resources provides clean air and water, viable populations of wildlife, aesthetic beauty and open space, and ensures the productivity of the soil for future generations. Agriculture, tourism, and other major contributors to our state's economy depend on sound management of these natural resources.